At home in both the modern jazz and contemporary classical worlds, Eddie has also contributed significantly to the repertoire of the classical saxophone: his piece for large sax choir "The Status Quo", composed in 1987, is a classic. He has written for sax quartet ("Cartoons", commissioned by Apollo Saxophone Quartet) and quintet ("Autogeddon", commissioned by Saxtet) as well as, recently, a piece for solo alto saxophone ("Shhh!" for Simon Haram)

He has composed works for percussion ensemble ("Three Anagrams for Kurt Schwitters", commissioned by Ensemble Bash), for solo harp ("Hexknots", for Imogen Ridge), solo vibraphone (for Simon Limbrick), and a cycle of song settings for lyric tenor and piano (for James Gilchrist).


Recent projects include "MoonWaves", a series of 3 videos made in collaboration with international musicians and video makers Andy Squiff  and Rod Maclachlan, and a sound installation for the 2022 Gloucester based community project "Stars of Westgate" in collaboration with sound artist Patrick Furness.



In 2021 Eddie won the composition competition of the Thailand International Jazz Conference with his piece "maggie and milly and molly and may/now (more near ourselves than we)", a setting of two poems by ee cummings.